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Farmer builds castle and hides it from neighbors…for 4 years!

January 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Hay bails hiding a castle

“It’s like finding a CASTLE in a haystack” – Famous Man

A farmer in a town 30km south of London built a castle and hid it behind hay bales for four years. The land he lived on was not zoned for having buildings constructed on it so the man decided to put up huge stacks of hay and build the house behind them so they neighbors couldn’t see. More after the jump, including pictures of the castle!.

A picture of Robert Fidler’s “Castle” behind the haystack!

Robert Fidler’s Castle

The farmer, Robert Fidler, was trying to take advantage of a building law that allows buildings built without permission to be legal if no one contests them after four years. After the time was up, the man tore down the hay to reveal the castle, a replica of a Tudor house from the front with two turrets in the back.

Fidler’s wife Linda told the Daily Mail newspaper the children grew up looking at straw out of the windows of the house and that they kept their son away from playschool on the day his class were due to do paintings of their houses.

“We couldn’t have him drawing a big blue haystack,” she said. “People might ask questions.”

Sadly, the town council is still planning on tearing the house down. They don’t think it was fair of Mr. Fidler to hide the house from everyone and exploit the law. A hearing is scheduled next month to decide the future of the house. Either way, it was ingenious of the farmer to hide the house like he did. No one would have suspected a house was hidden behind a pile of hay. Oh well, maybe the city council will edit the law and add “the building must be in plain sight”.

If the man wants to stop bulldozing crews, maybe he should consider building a moat?


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[Daily Mail Link] - Including pictures!

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