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Twisted Tale – Worst and Most Disturbing Defense For Murder Ever

February 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Sally Anne Bowman

Sally Anne Bowman, 18.

Sally Anne Bowman was killed and raped just outside her home. One man is placed on the scene with overwhelming physical evidence. What’s his defense?

“Mark Dixie admits that he had sex with her after her death but denies that he is the killer.”

This story is messed up. Click below for the disturbing details.

Mark Dixie is on trial for the murder and “sex attack” of Sally-Anne Bowman, who was striving to become a model.

At about 4:20am, moments after being dropped off by her boyfriend, Sally Anne was attacked: bitten, knifed, and sexually molested before and after her death. DNA evidence matched Dixie, his bloody fingerprint was on her shoe, and the bite marks on her cheek and neck matched his teeth structure.

Dixie’s disturbing defense?

He claims that he did have sex with Miss Bowman as she lay dead in a pool of her own blood, but claimed that he did not murder her. Dixie claimed that he was drunk and on drugs, and just stumbled upon a dead woman… then decided to rape her corpse.

I’m sure necrophilia is already worthy of substantial jail time, but Dixie’s defense is one of the most disturbing and twisted defenses I’ve ever heard. It seems more out of desperation than anything, and even if true, reveals that Dixie is a sick and twisted man, who’s first inclination upon finding a dead woman was raping her bloody body. Disgusting.


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