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13-year-old charged with felony after putting peanut butter cookies in another’s lunchbox

April 20th, 2008 · No Comments

13-year-old charged with felony after putting peanut butter cookies in another\'s lunchbox

A Kentucky teen is charged with knowingly endangering the life of another student. He didn’t try hurting the student with a weapon or anything but instead resorted to peanuts. The teen placed several pieces of peanut butter cookies in student’s lunchbox even though peanut products are not allowed at the school because several students are allergic to the product. The student who owned the lunchbox was one such person.

The class decided to have lunch outside on Thursday since the weather was warmer. At the end of the lunch, the teen was seen putting crumbled cookies in the allergic student’s lunch box. Luckily, the lunch box was taken away before the allergic student was able to touch them. Had he done so, there is a high chance he would have ended up in the hospital, if not died.

“even trace amounts of peanut oil can cause severe reactions and even death. Symptoms can include hives, welts and swelling that can restrict airways. Earlier this month, it was reported that a 13-year-old boy died in Australia at a school camp due to an allergic reaction to peanuts.”

The eighth-grader is facing a felony charge of wanton endangerment after an investigation found he purposefully and knowingly placed the cookies in the lunchbox even though he knew of the dangers.

“A person is charged with felony, or first-degree, wanton endangerment when someone is suspected of engaging in conduct that causes the danger of death or physical injury to another person, according to state legal statutes.”

Parent’s of students at the school feel the school’s actions are appropriate. The school is very vocal about its policy not to allow peanut products on campus. In addition, the students with the allergy are pointed out so other’s make sure to avoid getting them in contact with peanuts.

This was a pretty low move by the teen. Perhaps he placed the cookies in the box as a dare by other’s or maybe he had a grudge against him. Regardless, his little escapade could have led to several being rushed to the hospital. Not only would the allergic student come into contact with the peanuts but any residual peanut oil on the teen’s hands could have rubbed off on another student, a door knob, a sink faucet, etc and other allergic students could have come into contact with him. His punishment is fitting.


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