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25 Real Companies That Use ERP Software to Outsmart Their Competition

January 21st, 2013 · View Comments

Smart companies use their ERP software as much more than a debits and credits system. They use it as a competitive advantage to outsmart their competition.

This may sound easier said than done, but sometimes the best way to brainstorm ideas is to see what other companies are doing. Unfortunately, you can’t just march up to your competitors’ door and ask them for advice.

The ERP Software Blog has compiled examples from 21 ERP software industry experts. These experts have worked with hundreds of companies and know how to recognize innovation.

The stories, and results, come from a broad spectrum of the market, including:  an engineering firm, a restaurant chain, a movie studio, a physician’s clinic, a non-profit, a food manufacturer, an office products distributor, and more.

Some of the points uncovered are how to:

  1. Set up automatic credit limits so that clients do not extend their credit too far
  2. Eliminate double entry from budgeting resource tracking processes
  3. Set up supply-chain alerts so that customers can be notified much earlier if their orders will be delayed
  4. Remove the busy work from quality control so that companies can focus on quality rather than tracking spreadsheets
  5. Successfully break into the online market by automating orders and updates
  6. Use forecasting tools to minimize costs and meet demands
  7. Remain prepared for audits at all times
  8. Process recalls without hassle and with minimum fallout

Twenty-five real life scenarios were compiled into an engaging, simple to read white paper. The paper is meant to offer a comprehensive set of examples describing how businesses are approaching their ERP strategies. Each story is followed by the way it provided a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

I encourage you to downloadthe white paper, 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics at

Too busy to read? Download the audio MP3 file to play at your desk or from your favorite mobile device. More of a visual thinker? Check out the related infographic at

Don’t be satisfied with just doing the basics with your accounting or ERP system. Learn from the best, take it to the next level, and use it as a strategic advantage to grow your business and outsmart the competition.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions

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Budget Truck Rental and Extra Space Storage Join Forces

October 26th, 2012 · View Comments

According to an October 24, 2012 press release issued on its web site, Budget Truck Rental and self storage company Extra Space Storage have agreed to feature Budget rental trucks at select Extra Space locations across the United States. The goal of the venture is to conveniently and reliably address customers’ storage and transportation needs. As part of the new alliance, Budget Truck Rental facilities across the USA will be outfitted with Extra Space Storage reservation kiosks, allowing their customers convenient access to a self storage solution. The companies will promote each other’s products and services through point of sale materials and email campaigns. Budget Truck Rental will gain significant visibility by being featured on the Extra Space Storage website.

“Reaching self-storage customers during the reservation process and providing them with convenient, on-site access to quality trucks is the perfect way to build brand awareness and generate incremental rentals,” said Michael J. White, senior vice president, Budget Truck Rental. “We’re thrilled to align Budget Truck Rental with such a leading brand in the self-storage industry and provide customers with a one-stop solution to their storage and transportation needs.”

Budget Truck Rental’s fleet features 10-foot, 16-foot and 24-foot trucks with ramps or lift gates and is one of the cleanest and best maintained rental truck fleets in the industry. Each vehicle undergoes a 10-point quality inspection to ensure proper fluid levels, tire pressure and other necessary elements for a reliable, safe rental. All Budget rental trucks feature automatic transmissions and include 24/7 emergency roadside assistance at no additional charge. Budget Truck Rental is also the first and only major consumer truck rental company to offer vehicles equipped with Garmin global positioning systems (GPS). These GPS systems feature routes designated specifically for trucks, making navigation to a destination easier for renters.

“Extra Space Storage is excited to partner with a leader in the transportation industry,” said James Overturf, chief marketing officer with Extra Space Storage. “Our customers are typically facing a stressful life transition and by providing a consolidated solution, we hope to make the entire process easier.”

Extra Space Storage views the venture as part of their continued commitment to customer service, security, convenience and professionalism. Their professionally managed self storage facilities offer storage units for short or long-term lease, with units varying in size. The clean and well lit units are accessible 365 days a year and feature state-of-the-art security, including 24-hour video surveillance.

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Brittany Farley tells how to link to your Google+ profile for authorship

October 23rd, 2012 · View Comments

You can get your images to appear on Google+ by linking yourself as the author!

Follow Brittany on Google+

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Tips for Renting Self Storage Units in Long Beach, CA

May 11th, 2012 · View Comments

If you live in Los Angeles County and are searching for self storage units in Long Beach, CA or a nearby storage facility to house your items while moving, for business overflow, to store a vehicle or boat, or to keep personal mementos safe, there are storage space companies ready to accommodate your needs.

Los Angeles area self storage units are available with numerous options. If you have personal items requiring steady temperatures, a climate controlled storage unit is available. A unit also comes in varying sizes for belongings both small and large. Some facilities offer the choice of storage units with outdoor, indoor, and/or drive-up access. You also have options in the security of your items, as well as whether or not you wish to insure your belongings.

Before storing any items, be sure to review the facility’s policies on allowable goods as well as items that are prohibited on their premises.

Below are some helpful tips for you to get the most out of your self storage unit.

Household items:

  • Items including bed frames and tables should be taken apart, thus requiring less room for storage.
  • Larger items can be used to hold smaller goods. For example, the empty drawers of a piece of furniture are a worthy source of storage for toys and linens. Further, there is valuable space within a stored refrigerator or other large appliance.
  • Spend the appropriate amount of time and money to seal all boxes with packaging tape. This simple step will keep items safe from dust and humidity.
  • Label each box on all sides for simple identification.
  • Do not overpack boxes even when trying to save space. A heavy box can encounter damage and also be dangerous if placed on top of lighter boxes.
  • Use bubble wrap or white tissue paper to wrap items. The common technique of packing items in newspaper is not ideal for preservation, as the print of the paper can transfer to your belongings.

Business items:

  • Store containers at a facility that offers convenient hours to meet your business’ needs.
  • Select a self storage unit with climate control to protect documents and electronics.
  • Stack containers in order with older information on the bottom.
  • Fill boxes, if even with just packing material, to prevent shift during transport.
  • Back up any data on a stored computer.
  • Wrap computers and other electronics in bubble wrap (NOT plastic) or foam.


  • Consider the amount of space required to maneuver the mode of transportation in and out of the unit.
  • Be sure to occasionally check fuel lines, gaskets, and tires for damage.
  • Keep all documentation, including insurance, registration, and license plate up to date.
  • Empty as much fuel as possible to prevent leaks and fire hazards, especially when storing for an extended amount of time.

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Ada OK Airport Runway to be replaced?

May 7th, 2012 · View Comments

Ada Airport Runway to be replaced?

The city of Ada is suing two contractors for using the wrong asphalt while replacing the Ada Municipal Airport runways. The contractors had been given a $1 million contract to redo the runways in 2005. The city now states in court papers that the contractors used a type of asphalt that was not approved by FAA.

The papers state that when FAA and Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission learned that the wrong type of asphalt was used, they asked for the $1 million in grant money to be paid back. The City Council had to consider a plan for paying back the money.

George Braly of General Aviation Modifications based at the airport is not concerned about the safety of the runways. However, he thinks they will not be as durable in the long term

Braly said: “The runway is functional the way it is. From everything I have seen, there was a breach of the contract and the FAA is properly concerned about it.”

According to the court papers filed by the city, the runways need to be removed as the companies did not perform required testing.

The company involved, Cummins and Horizon Engineering, says that the city was partly at fault. They say that the notes to the plans had mentioned using ODOT specifications for the asphalt, and the plans were approved by the city, FAA and Aeronautics Commission.

This local construction news blog post is from Volvo Rents of Ada OK

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Info Graph: The CFO’s Guide to ERP In The Cloud

May 7th, 2012 · View Comments

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Technology Companies Heading to Ardmore, OK

May 5th, 2012 · View Comments

What does a rural Ardmore Offer to Technology Companies?

Four technology companies, Lightwave Photonics, Cerium Labs, Garnet Technologies and Topaz Thermoelectrics are planning a move to Ardmore in Oklahoma. They have announced a partnership with Ardmore based Amethyst Research Incorporated that created the night vision goggles used by the Army.

What does a rural Ardmore offer to these tech companies?

According to Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Dave Lopez:  “At a place like Ardmore, between a metropolitan area like Oklahoma City and Dallas, gives the access they need, the entertainment they want, the travel they may need to do and yet gives them a setting where they can do the thinking that really propels the technology.”

Lopez added that the collaboration could bring high-paying jobs to Ardmore. According to him, the average Oklahoma salary is $39,000 per year, and jobs that are related to manufacturing, energy, aerospace or research bring about 50 per cent more.

The companies have not yet started hiring according to local Chamber of Commerce.

The partnership is planning to move into the new Ardmore Technology Incubator when construction of that facility is complete, which is expected by late 2012.

This local corporate business news update is byVolvo Rents of Ardmore, OK.

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Relationships and Personal Growth

May 3rd, 2012 · View Comments

By Maurie Pressman, a Philadelphia Psychiatrist and Therapist

I believe that relationships spur personal growth, and that personal growth sponsors relationships.

How so?

When we are in relationship we have another person to take into consideration—not only our own ways, needs and wants. That is true on two sides. We learn the art of compromise. When we do, we learn to maintain our personal dignity and needs while at the same time modifying them so that they fit the situation and satisfy the other person.

The secret is balance. Not too much sacrifice, not too much self-seeking.

If we practice that in life, we grow in strength, friendships, and deep relations.

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